Is Your Mind Playing Tricks?

me n joeOver the course of our life, our senses and our environment come together to enrich our mind, and to sometimes overwhelm our mind. Much of the knowledge we acquire comes to us through our senses. As children, we use the senses daily to absorb as much as possible. The mind is a voraciously hungry, empty den when we are young.
As we age, we depend greatly upon our senses to inform us about the world around us; hot, cold, sweet, sour, bitter, loud, soft, so many of our perceptions and actions begin with input from our five senses. There is another sense that isn’t given much attention, thanks to the fact that it is centered within our body, not on the outside. But, if used properly, provides us with as much valuable information as the sense of smell, taste, touch, sight, and hearing.
Our intuition is our sixth sense. It refers to the ability to tune into the unseen world of sensing. All the other senses require a physical origin of input; our intuition does not. It requires not physical presence of an object in order for us to obtain information about the object. Thanks to the fact that we live in a materialistic world, and that most of our knowledge is dominated by the western traditions and beliefs, our ability to use our intuition is a lost art.
The eastern cultures have long used the sense of intuition and the flow of the body’s natural energies to utilize the intuitive information available. The western civilizations are slow to realize the role our intuition can play in our overall health, just because it is not a “seen” source of input.
Often, our mind can seemingly play tricks on our sensory perceptions, when we fail to utilize all aspects of the six senses, we often miss some piece of the puzzle, and what seems to be complete and correct, if often lacking.
There are at times physical conditions that cause our senses to operate incorrectly, and we don’t process the information correctly. This happens when we are functioning at less than optimum levels. Often this occurs during times of sickness, extreme fatigue, or due to a lack of sleep. It is at this point, that we believe our mind to play tricks on us. We believe we are receiving certain input, and in all actuality, we are not.
This is why keeping our bodies well, fit, and healthy keeps us in a reception mode to accurately process input from the outside world. It is through this accurate perception of intake that we are able to deal effectively with the world around us. All this culminates to come to this statement: in order to keep ourselves healthy and well, we must be able to accurately process input from the world around us. It is when we lose perspective, and don’t accurately “see” things as they really are that we are more likely to experience feelings of ill-health, mental unrest, and this can lead to actually becoming ill.
Our overall wellness depends upon our ability to not only cope with our selves, but to perceive reality as it really is.

My experience with Victorinox kitchen knives

I believe that a good set of kitchen knives is the secret weapon in any cook’s armory. I have three favorite knives that I use for chopping, slicing, filleting and dicing, and I’m not sure how I would live without any of them. They’re all Victorinox kitchen knives, as this is a brand I know I can trust to supply high-quality and long-lasting kitchen products.

victorinox knives

The knife I use most often is a Victorinox Swiss classic Santoku Knife with a fluted edge. This is a great general-purpose knife, which I use to slice and dice vegetables, mince garlic and quickly chop herbs. With a wide 17cm blade, this is a big knife that initially daunted me with its size, but it turned out to be surprisingly lightweight and easy to handle. If I had to choose just one knife to use in my kitchen, I’d choose the Santoku knife, as it is so wonderfully versatile.

I love to roast a joint of meat for my family at the weekend, which makes a good carving knife essential. I use a Victorinox Swiss classic 19cm carving knife to quickly carve up my roast chicken, beef, or ham. The thin blade slices smoothly through the meat, peeling away tender cuts.

Another favorite knife in my collection is my Victorinox fish filleting knife, which has a comfortable rosewood handle. I cook fish at least once a week, which means I need a knife with the sharpness and agility to quickly turn a whole fish into perfect fillets. I’ve had my Victorinox fish filleting knife for several years, yet it’s still as sharp it was when it was new. The 18cm long blade is extremely flexible, allowing me to get into every part of the fish and cleanly carve the meat from the bones.

In general, I’ve found that Victorinox kitchen knives are ergonomic, durable and offer excellent value for money. I use these three knives in my kitchen almost every day, yet they’re still not losing their edge. If you’re looking for kitchen supplies that you can rely on, I would highly recommend Victorinox over other brands.

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Why I Travel

The overnight flight from Miami to Santiago got rough when we started our descend. Once we got low however, the ride, and the landing were smooth as silk. Any flyer will tell you that only happens when you get a wind tunnel of sorts around the airport. Typical of mountainous regions, the effect is similar to the water tunnel surfers go through. It is smooth while you are in the tunnel but, outside of it you are in for a rough ride.

We land.

Checking out an airport I’ve never been to, the short layover goes by rather quickly. The sun is coming up when I board my connection to Buenos Aires. As we taxi, the pilot warns of a rough trip. We barrel down the runway but glide effortlessly up. There is light pouring in from every window on the left hand side. It is that intense morning light that sparkles on every speck of dust in the air. As the plane rises, clouds momentarily bock the light in one window or another. I feel an instant chill when my seat is darkened. The plane sprints past the cloud. I am warm again.

We are now above the clouds. The engines’ rhythmic noise has long been lost in my ear somewhere. It is absolutely quiet. Barely out of reach, I can see the snowcapped Andes, with a golden sun-glaze smeared all over the rocks.

Then we hit the edge of the wind tunnel and start powering our way through. The plane begins to shake, First a little. Then harder. Then even harder. Now violently. I am startled back into the cabin. We’re caught somewhere inside the jet stream layer cake; can’t power our way higher, despite pilot’s repeated attempts, and keep bouncing every which way, off of the currents beneath us.

Suddenly I hope I could die right then and there. An inexplicable silence drowns out the rattling of machinery and I can again see the Andes glisten in the distance. I am content for the first time, in a long time, if ever. I feel no regrets about my life. I am not afraid to die. In that one single moment over the Chilean Andes I find pure joy and, if there is such a thing, walk with God.

There is a lot that travel teaches us. For me, the most valuable are the moments of clarity that I couldn’t otherwise imagine possible; such as an early morning over the Andes when, for the first time, I realize I am not afraid to live.

Best rice cookers we recommend!


Electric rice cookers are home appliances that generate heat to boil a mixture of rice and water and give you steamed rice. There are various rice cookers in the market, differing in volume and features they offer. And that ain’t a bad thing at all! Our rice cooker reviews 2016 will help you choose the right one which would exactly fit your needs.

If you don’t cook rice very often and cook a lot of rice to feed a big bunch of people, you might want to consider a low capacity but durable rice cooker like the B&D RC-3406. It doesn’t fall heavy on your budget and can hold about 3 cups of uncooked rice. A sleek design compliments a great build that is in line with North American Electrical Standards. Features such as the lid with steam vent made it very convenient for us to cook rice for a quick meal. An automatic keep warm mode was also really handy.

The next on our list was the Aroma 8 Cup Digital Rice Cooker. It’s no surprise that this product has over 5000 customer reviews on Amazon, 65% of them giving it 5 stars. Priced around $30, it has a stainless steel exterior and a non sticky inner cooking pot which was extremely easy to clean and wash. This device also doubles up as a meat and vegetable steamer in a separate compartment that sits below the rice. This rice cooker is fully digital with a programmable 15 hour delay timer to help plan meals.

Our pick among the high end models was the Zojirushi NS-TSC10 (5.5 cups uncooked)Micom Rice Cooker and Warmer. The cooking experience using this was poles apart from the rest. ‘Micom’ stands for micro-computerized. For you, it means that the rice cooker senses how well done your rice is and accordingly adjusts its heating to cook intelligently. This technology is popularly referred to as ‘fuzzy logic’. Costing around $150, it’s definitely one of the best rice cookers money can buy. With over 700 5-star reviews on Amazon, this is a sound investment if you’d be using this everyday to cook large quantities of rice.

Few suggestions on the best knives set I have used

I love cooking. One of the assets in the kitchen is the best knives sets. This is why I make the point of getting the best knives sets for my kitchen. However, it can be understood that there are financial constrains that may sometimes limit choice. Here are some of the best knives sets that I have used and proven that they are that best:


Taylors Eye Witness Dexterity
This set, as the name suggests is dexterous. This set have five knives that can be used for different purposes. The design of this knife set brightens up the kitchen. The set is affordable and cleaning it is very easy. I also love this set because it has a finger guard for safety purpose. It comes with a beautiful storage block.

Robert Welch block Set and sharpener
It contains six well sharpened knives. This is the best knives set because of their sharpness. The technology used in the making them is an inspiration from the Japanese sword crafting. It has magnetic block which has magnetic locator that ensure that the knives are kept sharp for as long as possible. The handle makes it easy to use.

Global Knife Set
The knife set are razor-sharp and contemporary. They are the best knives set choice for the best chefs across the world. They are well balanced and presentable. In spite of the price, I love this knife set block because they are hygienically efficient and safe to use.

Anolon Advanced SureGrip Knife Block
When getting the best knives set, the handle grip is essential. The knife set have the best grip ever. The knife blade is made from best crafted and forged Japanese steel. This means assured sharpness and stain resistance. Steel is a durable metal that is resistant to rust. The handle is well balance. I will recommend this knife set any day.

The Gift of the Best Non Stick Cookware

A couple of years ago I received the fantastic gift of knowing what to buy my parents for Christmas. My siblings and I got together and went on the search for the best non stick cookware and were blown away by the Anolon Advanced Bronze non stick cookware at Macy’s.

The Anolon brand is a well-known leader in non stick cookware and the bronze exterior was extremely handsome to imagine in my mom’s kitchen. What sold it for us, though, was the fact that as sturdy as the product was made it was extremely light weight. My mom is getting older and having to heft a heavy pan with food would not be viable. The handles on the pots and pans were attached at the top and bottom which meant that they wouldn’t get shaky or loose as time went on. They were also coated with a comfortable rubber coating which conformed to your hand with an easy grip shape. This feature was not available in other competitive brands which all sported hard plastic handles or metal ones which would heat along with the non stick pan while cooking.

non stick pan

The non stick coating would allow for metal utensils which we knew our mom was fond of using. The fact that my parents would not be eating what looked like pepper with their evening meal was a gratifying feeling.

Having broken glass lids before I was happy to see that Anolon made theirs shatter resistant. This meant they would be able glance at the dish to check on the food without opening the lid and extending the cook time.

Two years later my mom is still bragging about her Anolon cookware. She got the whole set and several additional pieces (for free) due to the promotion Macy’s was having at the time. Our quest for the best non stick cookware was definitely a success. We got the price we wanted and they got a great product which really delivers… and the knowledge that we nailed the gift that year!

Which are the top wheatgrass juicer brands

The market these days is flooded with countless products when it comes to juicers. But only a few make it to the top spot as far as delivering effective juicing goes. Talking about wheatgrass juice, it is loaded with antioxidants and vitamins which go on to invigorate the entire system of our bodies in the best way possible. But as far as finding that perfect wheatgrass juicer goes, only a few match up to the criteria. So which are the top wheatgrass juicer brands really? Let’s find out!


One of the best that I recently came across goes by the name of Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer. This by far is the most efficient of juicers available in the market when it comes to juicing wheatgrass. Very sleek in its looks, it is exceptionally easy too to use and ended up making wheatgrass juicing a child’s play. The finest feature of this juicer is that the quality of juice it makes is absolutely foam free. At a reasonable price tag of $285, it is no guess why it’s such a best seller.

Other options that come to mind after the amazing Omega juicer is immediately the Super Angel All Stainless Steel Twin Gear Juicer. It absolutely is the superstar of all juicers available out there. It would sit like a bad boy on your kitchen top and tend to your every juicing need very effectively. Although a little expensive at $2000, it is worth every penny.

When it comes to manual juicing, it can quite seem like a chore and few manual juicers out there deliver the quality of the juice similar to those of electric juicers. One which matches up goes by the name of Lexen GP27. The king of all manual juicers out there, it is guaranteed to deliver satisfaction every single time you use it. At just $50 bucks, it’s an absolute bargain!

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Why I Prefer An Espresso Machine That Comes With The Following


Having been operating an espresso bar in town for close to 30 years, I am probably one the people who have come across and used tons and tons of espresso machine models and designs. With an experience spanning close to 30 years, I can easily single out the best espresso machines from a group. Interestingly, my friends have come to learn of this and every time one of them wants to buy an espresso machine, they first come to me for some tips and advise, and so you know, my tips have always worked out for them. To really give you a glimpse of what I always tell them, here is what I always look out for when I am shopping for the best espresso makers to buy either for my bar in town, individual use or just for a friend.

What exactly do I want? On any given day, what I want comes before anything else for this has repeatedly helped me find the best espresso machine. Having been selling coffee for years, I have realized specialties and faculties do largely vary; cappuccino or straight espresso. Personally, having an idea of what I want before I go out shopping always pays. As if that is not even enough; depending on the kind of drinks I want to churn out and how often I will be making, the question of durability and performance may come into play.


Lastly, how intricate the espresso machine is and how easy it is to clean are among other things I pay very close attention to. I normally check the pump pressure for semi automatic machines and if it is some sort of self-priming, I make sure I have an idea of boiler set up I should be looking for. This may sound like a lengthy process, but it is worth it. It has enable me know how much personal effort I would be required to put into each drink.

Ultimately, as you can see, I always take into great consideration a number of factors. If a machine comes short of that I place it back to the shelf and move to the next one. For most people, this may look like a waste of time, but for me it is not for that has over and over helped me find the best espresso machines every time I go out looking for one. Do not dish out your saving for an espresso machine if you are no sure you will be getting exactly what you want. That is what I always tell people.